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A Brief and Practical Tutorial Learn How to Create a Website Using Blog with WordPress!
You'll get a tutorial and a free guide to learn how to create a web with WordPress blogging software through this website courses offered by Online Blog Business Internet

I. Why Do You Want To Make A Website ...

In making a website there are some things you need to prepare before you start.

First, you can ask a question to yourself is "What I aim to create a website?" By answering these questions can direct your mind to define and answer the next question is, "Websites like what I'm going to make to achieve these goals and how how to make websites. "

Why begin with these questions? Because the site is expected later that we make in accordance with what we want and can bring us achieve our desired goals in making the website. Do not let the website is complete you have made, but the website you created is not appropriate and can not be the media or the means to achieve your goals.

You need to know, that kind of website all kinds, there is only one simple page like this website, there are several pages describing the company's website as, someone using a blog system and is often called blog or weblog (blog site), there is CMS system (Content Management System) like joomla, there is a discussion forum, there is a classifieds website, there is a online store website and there are more complex like friendster community website.

You need to start by answering these questions before you make a website. Sehingga nanti Anda bisa memutuskan website seperti apa yang paling cocok dan sesuai untuk mencapai tujuan Anda. Because each type of website I made above have a function different.

Example if you want to sell various products, you create an online store website; if you want to sell just one type of product could be a simple one page or full by using the ordering system; if you want to create a portal website you can use Joomla; if you want develop and publish an article branding can use blogs, and others.

So can I rangkumkan 3 questions are:
to create a website What I aim to create a website?
create a web website what will I make to achieve these goals?
how to create a website How do I create a website?

Write the answers in a sheet of paper, and jabarkanlah as detailed as possible, if necessary you can make a sketch of your desired website or if you have no idea at all, you can googling (search) on the internet to browse websites that already exist.

You googling with specific topics such as what websites you want to make, so you can check out other websites using software such as what type of website? You can imitate, imitate NOT mean you copy the contents, but you're imitating type website (website software used to create the website). Because make the current website is very easy, which is using the website software, so you do not need to create a web of zero (the base).

You can googling at

how to create websites.

After you select the type of website, you can learn and explore, whether there is software available to the website to make the kind of website. Today many software websites have become, and stay to use.

You do not need to make it from the bottom (beginning) and do not need to know about programming. You live install and enter the data for your website.

Surely you must follow the software license usage of the website, because there are sold and some that provide it are open source that can be used for free with certain conditions. Terms of use generally is required to keep you include links to the software maker.

And in this first stage, you must have set your goals in this website and websites like what you want.

II. Getting Started Creating Learning Website / Create Web

To create a website there are 3 main parts that you need to understand that:
how to create Web Domain
how to create a website hosting
learn wordpress Software Website

II.1 Domain

Domain is the name or address of a website. On the Internet, everyone has to type a domain name to be opened and read the contents of a website. In this case, the role of domain name selection is important to distinguish your website with the website to others.

This domain consists of domain name and extension. example, is blogbisnisinternet domain name and. Com is extensionnya. Extension usually represent a particular category such as. Keperlukan com for commercial,. Net for networking purposes,. Org for non-commercial website, and others.

Various extensions, can be a TLD (Top Level Domains) like. Com,. Net,. Org or there is also a form of cTLD (country Top Level Domains) like.,. domain which represents the country id Indonesia .

To choose your domain name can use a website that provides domain name registration services or by using the domain software tools to help choose a domain name for your website.

If you use websites that provide domain name registration services, for example, you just enter the domain name that you like to check if still available or not.

Http:// and you open the guide and enter the name of your extension pilih.Bila still available, you can make the domain name registration.
Try to choose domain names with the extension. Com because it is more common and more well known. This domain registrations will be done annually, once a year you must pay the domain registration fee if you want to continue to have and use it.

And if you do not do the registration for renewal next year, then after your expired domain name, the domain will be open again to the public so others can register and use it.

If you do not have a shadow for your domain name, you can use the domain tool to help you give suggestions domain name that you can use. You open and select Tabs "Suggestions". And enter the words you'll use in your domain name. You can enter more than one word and separated by a (,).

how to create a website

And from this, you can use other facilities around the domain.

Tips in choosing a domain name, among others:

1. Choose a domain name simple and easy to remember
2. Choose a domain name corresponding to the representative of the content and purpose of your website, to facilitate people to remember domain name or address of your website later.
3. When you use the long domain names, try using the domain names containing the words common, so that to avoid mistakes in the writing domain name.
4. You can use the sign (-) if you want.
5. Try to select the domain. Com
6. You can follow include keywords in your domain name to help the process of SEO (search engine optimization), so that your website appear in search engines with more top positions.

In this step, you've got a domain name for your website.

II.2 Hosting

Hosting is where you put the files on your website in a server connected to the Internet network. So that your website can be displayed, then the files you need to store the website on a hosting server. You need to buy a hosting package.

The price of a hosting package varies, depending on the facilities provided. You can buy a hosting package abroad and in Indonesia.

In choosing a hosting package, you are a few things to diperhatian namely:

1. Server systems are used whether Linux or Windows. This will determine the software and web programming language that can be used. Most people use Linux. You select Linux only.

2. Magnitude Disk Space provided. Disk Space is the capacity of the server hosting provided to you, to save the files on your website. As the amount space to store your files on your computer. Surely the best option is a hosting package that provides Disk Space that match your needs.

3. Bandwidth scale is given. Bandwidth is the capacity of a given monthly access to access your website. Every person who opened the website or download files from your website to be displayed on the browser firefox or internet explorer it will download your file, it will eat bandwidth. Bandwidth usage and capacity will be reset beginning of each month.

4. Domains Allowed. The number of domains that can be used in a hosting package. You can use 1 piece of hosting packages for all your domain name if the hosting package that gives access to it, and you also need to consider the amount of disk space and bandwiidth given, is it enough to run your domains.

5. Number of databases allowed. Example for Linux, how many MySQL databases are permitted.

To purchase this domain name and hosting does not need to do at one company. You can buy them from places different. All you need to do is connect between this domain and hosting by setting DNS (Domain Name Server) on your domain account. This is done to connect to the hosting domain.

You can buy a domain and hosting on the following website:

1. To purchase in Indonesia, you can buy through which is a franchise from the hosting website IDwebhost. Purchase through the website of the franchise is cheaper than buying directly in IDwebhost, approximately 8-10% of the price. Facilities and support remain the same given by IDwebhost.

cheap domain hosting

2. For overseas purchases.

unlimited hosting

Every purchase domain and hosting overseas require payment by credit card or with PayPal, but you can get a package of unlimited domain, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosting, unlimited database for all your website so that no longer need to buy hosting elsewhere.

You can compare prices and adapt to your needs, if you only need one website, you can buy a domain and hosting in, but if you plan to create many websites, so do not buy hosting every time, be more efficient by buying in Hostupon.

II.3 Software Website

If you do not know the website software you'll use, you can googling on the internet, to view other websites that already exist, and see examples of websites that you feel fit as a website you want.

You can check on an existing website, the website using what software? If the website using open source software such as website wordpress blog, joomla, phpbb, and others, of course you can make the same website. But please remember that you are in the example is the type of website, not mencopy appearance, and content (content) website, it is not allowed.

To find out which software to use the website, can be done in 2 ways:

1. You check the link on the website in question, usually can be seen on his part footer (the bottom of a website). For websites that use open source software (for free), you usually can see there is a link in the footer to the website of the software maker.

You can download the software and install the software following the manual installation instructions provided.

2. The second way, you can see through the page source code through your browser. Usually there are clues in the source code of the website pages.

After you buy the domain and hosting, and also choose the website software, then you create a new website. And in the example website creation website, you will learn to create a website using WordPress Blog.

III. Creating Learning Website with WordPress Blog

Learning Steps Create a Website with WordPress Blog is

1. You are logged in your hosting cpanel, address. Then enter your username and password provided by your hosting.

In cpanel hosting you usually have available a video that will guide you in using the facility in cpanel well. You better learn through video.

how to create a web

2. In Cpanel Hosting, you click the icon "Fantastico"

create website

3. Then be shown a list of open source software that can be used. Fantastico is a program that helps the software installation process with ease. Just by filling in the data and follow the steps that have been provided, as will be explained in the tutorial to learn to create a website with this wordpress blog. You Choose WordPress.

learning website

4. Then click "New Installation".

create website

5. Followed by filling the data to a wordpress blog installation. If you want to install wordpress blog on the main directory in, you empty the field "Install in directory". But if you want to install on your subdomain, you enter the subdomain name the folder that will be used.

make website

6. Click "Finish installation" to complete the installation process Worpress blog.

7. Congrats, your are done now. Now your website is finished and online

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